About Us

Hi, I’m Adrian Jones from Oregon. I got the idea for this site when I myself struggled to find info on what roof bars or roof rack fitted my car. I had just bought my first car, and started exploring my great state with it just after moving to Oregon around 6 years ago. I loved camping and the outdoors, but quickly started running out of space for my camping and outdoor gear in the trunk of my car. A roof rack was the logical next purchase, as I did not want to have the draw-back of having a trailer to worry about when parking or having to reverse. The info available online was not too great, especially for my specific Subaru I had at the time, and the salesmen at the stores, obviously were just after a quick sale, so I decided to document my research, as I went along, so that it could possibly help others on the same path as me in future. The feedback received was so overwhelming, that I decided to expand the site with the help of a few of my friends, and later a few hired team members, to try and cover as many vehicles as possible.

Driving and traveling, can be a bunch of fun. It can however also become quite a hassle, or stressful, if you struggle to get yourself, or your equipment into and loaded on the vehicle. Roof bars or a roof rack, offers ample extra space to take more equipment and luggage on an adventure. From a roof top tent to sleep in safely while camping, or just for a roof box to put some extra bags and luggage in for a normal weekend away, with a roof rack, the choice is yours and options are endless.

We have collaboratively spent thousands of hours, testing, driving, loading and retesting, so you don’t have to. We also do not claim to know best, or know it all. We are merely sharing the equipment that we have found to work for us, and thousands of other readers we have helped in the past.

We are still human and DO OFTEN still make mistakes, so if you see any mistakes, or feel something we say is incorrect or can be improved, please do not hesitate to contact us on the contact page and let us know.