How Long Does It Take to Fit a Roof Rack?

by Adrian | Last Updated: October 30, 2020

When it comes to installing a roof rack to your vehicle, the time it takes to complete the task depends entirely on the rack itself, mostly the type of roof rack it is and whether or not you roof rails to install it on or not. 

If the roof rack you just bought requires roof rails and you don’t have, it’ll naturally take a little longer because you’ll have to first install the roof rails before you go any further.

Just the Basics

The question, how long does it take to fit a roof rack, can be answered in more detail once you determine how the rack is attached to your vehicle. Roof racks are usually connected one of two ways:

Fortunately, in both of these cases you can easily learn which steps to take to get the roof rack installed properly because there are usually step-by-step, detailed instructions in the package.

Furthermore, since most roof racks come with everything you need to install them properly, you can have most of these roof racks installed and secure in under an hour, sometimes under 30 minutes.

Are Tools Required to Install a Roof Rack?

Fortunately, most current roof racks come with the brackets, wrenches, and other items you need to properly install them to your vehicle, so they require no tools or special equipment to get the job done.

This means that even if you aren’t the most mechanically inclined person on the planet, you can still install your roof rack quickly and without stress, thanks to clear directions and user manuals. 

On the rare occasion when you buy a roof rack that does require extra implements, the only tools usually required are the simple ones, so you should already have those tools on hand.

If you’ve never installed a roof rack before, not to worry because many of them can be installed using a little common sense and little else – although it is always wise to pay attention to the detailed instructions that come with the product!

A Few Tips to Make the Task Easier

Even though the job of installing a roof rack is usually much easier than you think, there are still some basic tips that apply to most of these racks that can help you install them perfectly every time. Some of those tips include:

Lastly, you should always do exactly what the instructions tell you to do – nothing more, nothing less. Never use tools or additional brackets or screws that aren’t made specifically for that particular roof rack. 

These things may cause the roof rack to become too loose or even increase wind-resistance, which in turn can cause you to increase the amount of gas you use when driving.

A Video: How To Install a Roof Rack on Your Vehicle

Some Final Thoughts

Asking yourself, how long does it take to fit a roof rack, is only natural, but you should know that the amount of time required to install a rack to your car’s roof can take as little as 10 minutes or as long as an hour. 

Of course, even spending an hour on this task is not that long, so even if you wait until right before you take off on your vacation to install your roof rack, you should have enough time to finish the job. We do recommend testing it a few days around your house and the area you live in before setting off, just to make sure everything works the way it should and fits well and tight before going far from home.

Roof racks are perfect for people who like to take along lots of items when camping, fishing, or going on family vacations. They are reasonably priced, built to last, and best of all, easy and fast to install, especially when you decide beforehand to pay attention to the instruction guide so that everything turns out perfect in the end.