How to Fit a Thule Roof Rack

by Adrian | Last Updated: July 4, 2022
thule roof rack

If you have a roof rack that fits your car, you can use the same fitting process to install your Thule rack. Most Thule roof rack systems come with a fitting guide, and we will cover this in the next section. To fit your Thule roof rack properly, you should use the proper tools and follow the fitting guide provided by the manufacturer. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ page. Then, read our buyer’s guide to learn more about the Thule roof rack.

Fit kit

To mount your Thule roof rack system, you must purchase a fitting kit. Some of the roof racks are designed to fit on the door edge. The Thule roof rack system is easy to install, requiring only minor adjustments. Some vehicles even come with a door that opens on the edge. Here’s how you fit a fitting kit for your Thule roof rack. Read on to learn more about installing a Thule roof rack system.

A Thule Fit Kit is a specially designed piece of hardware that allows you to install a roof rack or other accessories to your car. This kit is used in vehicles that don’t have pre-existing points for roof rack attachment. This means that you can install a roof rack that looks great and fits seamlessly with your car. The kit also features a fit guide, which will make it easier to install your Thule roof rack.

A Thule Fit Kit can be used to mount the legs of the Rhino-Rack RLT600. This kit includes the hardware necessary to mount up to two legs. It can also be used to install a Thule roof rack without the help of a professional. The fit kit is the perfect choice for people who do not have enough experience installing a roof rack. Regardless of the type of car, it’s essential to get the right fit for your Thule roof rack.

A Thule roof rack requires three components: a fit kit, a footpack, and a roof bar. The fit kit is a small piece of hardware that acts as an adapter for the specific model of your vehicle. The Thule Fit Kit attaches to the footpack and the car and allows your roof rack to secure properly. Some models may not require a fit kit. So, before buying a Thule roof rack, be sure to check your car’s fit kit compatibility first.


A Thule roof rack consists of three different components – the feet, the roof bar, and the fit kit. The fit kit is a small piece of equipment that attaches to the footpack, which is then secured to the car’s roof. However, not all models of cars need this adapter, so you should check which model your car has before you purchase a Thule roof rack.

In order to adjust the feet on your Thule roof rack, you first need to unlock the tensioning lever, and then you can adjust the foot on each bar individually. Once you’ve adjusted the feet, you can use the locking mechanism on each bar to prevent the entire rack assembly from falling off and denting your car. Alternatively, you can buy a locking foot kit. If you opt for the latter, you’ll want to purchase a Thule Traverse Fit Kit 1312. The Fit Kit is a multipurpose base rack system and provides the strongest base for your Thule roof rack.

A Thule crossbar spans the width of the car’s roof. The different foot packs and accessories available for Thule roof racks can be mounted onto the crossbar to secure your belongings. You can even purchase an adapter kit if your vehicle’s roof is too narrow for Thule racks. To make the installation process faster and easier, you can consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine the rooftop style.

Depending on your vehicle, you can select a Thule roof rack with either an aerodynamic or heavy-duty design. This means that you won’t have any difficulty mounting the rack because the mounting system includes all necessary components. You may also opt for a custom-fitting kit that includes a foot for your Thule roof rack. For the ultimate versatility, check out our Thule roof rack guide to learn more.


Thule roof rack crossbars are a versatile cargo management system for your vehicle. Choose from four different bar sizes and three different mounting kits to accommodate the size of your vehicle. This versatile cargo management system will turn your vehicle into the perfect ride for all of your adventures. Here are some tips to make your purchase go smoothly. The best way to choose a Thule roof rack is to determine the exact load you’re going to carry.

When installing a Thule crossbar, be sure to line up the locking brackets with the crossbars on your vehicle. Alternatively, you can buy a separate set of crossbars and mount them on the vehicle. Once you have these installed, you’re ready to purchase the Thule roof rack. The Thule Aeroblade is compatible with almost all types of vehicles. To install the Thule Aeroblade, first remove the end caps.

If you’re looking to mount a kayak, you’ll need to use a Thule roof rack. The Thule 835 kayak rack is designed for boats, and its clamping system is easy to operate. Once it’s mounted, the lock will automatically lock into place. If you don’t want to worry about the locks, choose a different roof rack. You can find Thule roof rack crossbars for your vehicle by checking online.

Thule roof rack crossbars are available in two different heights to accommodate your needs. The smallest model, 7501, can support up to 250 pounds of weight. They can be purchased separately or in sets of two or three. You can adjust the width and height of the second bar depending on the size of your vehicle. You can even purchase individual Thule roof rack crossbars online, and find them at the Thule store.


If you’re a lover of rooftop activities and are looking to add some extra storage space to your vehicle, then consider purchasing a Thule roof rack crossbar. These rooftop accessories make loading luggage on your roof a breeze. The customizable, next-level design of these crossbars allows you to customize your rooftop storage system to fit your specific needs. You’ll never have to be limited by the size of your car again – simply add more space with one of these accessories.

Thule offers a range of bike racks to fit any vehicle. Some of these racks are designed to fit on your car’s roof, while others are built to carry extra-special gear like bikes, SUPs, and surfboards. Other Thule roof racks include bike carrier baskets and secure roof boxes. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a Thule roof rack accessory to fit your style and needs.

Roof rack accessories are an essential part of any vehicle’s exterior. Thule is one of the most renowned manufacturers of aftermarket roof rack systems, but you may have trouble finding compatible accessories for your car. While some of their products are compatible with other brands, you may need to purchase additional accessories. A complete Thule roof rack system will come with all the hardware you need for installation. Alternatively, you can purchase additional roof rack accessories separately and use them in combination with the Thule roof rack crossbars.

The next step is installing a Thule roof rack crossbar. There are two types of crossbars available – raised and flat. A raised one will have space between the side rails and the roof, and a flat rooftop will require specialized equipment. Once installed, a Thule roof rack crossbar will ensure your cargo stays secure and safe. If you’re a traveler, a Thule roof rack will make your travel experience much easier.


The basic model of a Thule roof rack system, the square bar, is reasonably priced, incredibly versatile, and well-made. The steel construction is protected with rubberized plastic to withstand the elements. Depending on the style, it can hold 75 or 165 pounds of cargo. You can buy this roof rack with or without a lock, and it comes with the necessary tools for installation. The most basic model is priced around $800, while the more expensive models are much more expensive.

The Aeroblade Edge Flush mount Thule roof rack is sold individually or as a set of two. This type is designed to fit very close to the roof, but it may interfere with the tilting sunroof. Measure the roof before purchasing. Thule offers three sizes of the Aeroblade Edge Flush mount. To select the right size, you must determine the height of your roof. You can also order end caps to protect the metal from rust.

The Aerodynamic Raised Edge Thule roof rack features a unique design for the foot. The foot and bar merge to form a single unit, which reduces wind resistance and drag. This Thule roof rack comes with both black and silver crossbars, and it has a locking mechanism. If you’re concerned about the price, the Force might be the right choice for you. It has the same quality features as the Motion XT, but is over $100 cheaper. Still, it retains many of the same premium features, like the dual-sided opening, six tie-down points, and built-in stiffeners.

The price of a Thule roof rack depends on the size and number of bars you need. Larger bars are more expensive than smaller ones, but they will support heavier weights. Thule roof racks are designed to fit the latest models of vehicles. Depending on the size of your vehicle, you can purchase a single bar, or purchase a set of four bars. This way, you can adjust the height and width of the second bar if necessary.