Roof Rack Cross Bars – Aero, Euro, and Thule

by Adrian | Last Updated: July 4, 2022
roof rack cross bars

The Aero, Euro, and Thule roof rack cross bars have been the most popular options for roof racks for years. But do they offer enough features to make them worth the price? We took a closer look. Read on to find out more. And what’s important to remember when buying cross bars for your car: they require some effort to install, take off, and assemble. As with all accessories, there’s a one-year warranty on the product.

Aero bars

Using aero bars for roof rack cross bars on your car is easy, and it can save you a lot of MPG when driving in gusty winds. There are many advantages to using these bars, but they come at a cost. These bars can cost you a few MPG compared to a roof rack that won’t be used as often. But the good news is that you can remove the bars in a matter of seconds.

Aero bars are a great way to make your car look sporty while maintaining a low profile. They also look good and are fuel-efficient, too. They also offer a built-in t-slot for attaching accessories, and many come with locks for extra security. Choose from several different designs and prices to get the perfect fit for your car. Aero bars for roof rack cross bars are available in three different styles: Aero Flush, Aero Through, and JetStream Aero.

Aero bars are designed to minimize wind noise, which is an important factor when traveling with cargo. Depending on the type of cargo you have, aerodynamics will be compromised. The additional weight on the roof may result in sluggish driving. Several companies have marketed aero bars for roof racks, and some even boast of being more aerodynamic than others. Another type of roof rack cross bar is shaped like a teardrop, which is quieter than standard bars.

Euro bars

If you are planning on installing a roof rack on your car, you may want to consider purchasing Euro bars. They are easier to install and can help you secure the roof rack more securely. However, these bars do require some assembly and installation effort. Moreover, their warranty is only one year. If you are looking for the best Euro bars for roof rack cross bars, you may want to consider purchasing them from an online store.

One of the most popular roof racks today is the Rhino-Rack, which is popular in Australia. The company makes three different bar types to fit the car. For example, the Vortex system from Rhino-Rack comes with a vortex-generating strip that helps reduce wind noise and prevents your gear from sliding around. You can choose the type of bars that work best for your needs by checking the manufacturer’s reviews.

Besides being lightweight, Euro bars for roof rack cross bars are designed to support heavy loads. The company manufactures these products in Sweden, which ensures a long-lasting durability. The company’s products are certified as ‘green’ because they use renewable energy to produce them. The Euro bars are easy to install and are compatible with most popular car models. The Euro bars for roof rack cross bars are available in a wide range of sizes, so you can choose the size that fits your car.

Rhino-Rack Pioneer

The Pioneer Roof Rack is a versatile roof rack that can fit almost any car. This low-profile system is easy to install, and can easily strap down virtually anything. It is also available with additional rails for extra storage. Listed below are some of the accessories that you can add to your rack. These accessories are sold separately. These accessories will help you make your Jeep better equipped for overlanding.

The Pioneer Platform is made of reinforced nylon and aluminium and features new channels on the front and rear extrusions. The Pioneer Platform is designed to be compatible with the majority of Rhino Rack accessories. It also includes an integrated measuring strip and is compatible with two different Backbone sizes. These roof racks come with universal fit capabilities, but you must purchase additional Rhino Rack cross bars if you have a Heavy Duty vehicle.

Whether you’re going with a square or round crossbar is up to you. The main function of crossbars is to transfer weight to the roof rack’s feet or tower. You can choose from four different styles of crossbars. The crossbars are usually round, square, aerodynamic, or factory. Some manufacturers produce integrated crossbar+tower roof racks. These crossbar+tower combination systems can only be used on a limited number of cars.


If you own a vehicle with a roof rack and want to add a cargo carrier, you can find one specifically designed for the purpose at the website of Thule. Thule roof rack carriers are specially designed to fit a specific crossbar system. This system is also available for most popular make and model vehicles. The Thule crossbar system features two distinct types of bars and comes with a foot already attached. The two types of bars are not interchangeable and you must buy them separately.

The first type is the Thule roof rack cross bar. It weighs 6.74 pounds and supports up to 250 pounds of weight. These bars come in two different sizes, medium and large, and are sold separately. The size and style of the bars should be based on your vehicle’s rooftop style. The Thule owner’s manual will provide more information on this topic. Once you have purchased the correct Thule roof rack cross bar for your vehicle, you can now enjoy safe and secure transportation of all of your belongings, as well as a sturdy and stylish accessory.

The most popular style of Thule roof rack crossbar is the aerodynamic model. These are very aerodynamic and are ideal for a sporty look. If you plan on carrying heavy equipment, the aerodynamic variety might be the best choice. You should also pay special attention to the dimensions of the crossbars before purchasing them. In addition, you need to ensure that they fit your vehicle and that they will not interfere with your cargo carrier.


The square steel crossbars are the foundation of Inno feet, which attach to the square steel rack and are made of Elastomer coated steel. Inno feet also protect the crossbars from corrosion and cushion the load. The feet also accommodate carriers that clamp around the bar. The result is a rack that’s both stylish and practical. And because the feet can be mounted on both sides of the rack, you can choose to attach multiple racks to your car.

There are many benefits of Inno roof racks. They feature the largest lever in its class and a cam locking mechanism with keys for extra security. These roof racks keep your cargo safe and secure while making loading and unloading easy. The roof rack also protects your gear with adjustable corner pads and padding. Fishing rods can be attached securely to the rack. Inno roof racks also provide a convenient and safe storage space for fishing gear.

Inno has recently improved its aerodynamic base bar design and included a lock. These bars can be flush mounted or have an extended overhang. For easier installation, Inno has updated their wheel adapters, as well as the crossbars. All of these changes make Inno roof racks even more attractive than ever. Moreover, you can count on a limited lifetime warranty. It’s well worth the price.


A roof rack without a crossbar is like a bike without a handlebar. But to mount this rack, you need the right crossbars to hold your bike on. The crossbars must be of the right width, which will determine how secure your bike rack is. Depending on your bike size, you can choose from various types of bars. Some roof racks feature more than one crossbar. And, to avoid any confusion, most crossbars are designed to fit on the same model.

Most roof rack cross bars connect to the raised rails of your car, and these clamps clip onto them. The mounting brackets should be spaced properly and be straight and equidistant. Once the mounting brackets are secured, attach the rack legs to the roof rack using bolts. Make sure that the clamps are firmly attached to the crossbars and do not move when shaking the vehicle. Then, install the rack.

CURT universal roof rack crossbars are lightweight aluminum bars that are rust-resistant and universal. They can support up to 150 pounds and fit most rooftop cargo carriers. The crossbars are designed with a durable, black powder-coated finish that blends with the appearance of the original equipment. The clamps are also designed with key-operated knobs for easy installation. Lastly, these crossbars offer extra security features that make them a great choice for your vehicle.